The Rose

By Rachael R Allen



Theatre Review: Memphis The Musical


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All I Want For Christmas..

No, not you. And not my two front teeth either. All I Want for Christmas, is good food, good laughs, oh and a few items from my christmas wishlist.. Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 15.07.22

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Yankee Candles: A Scented Heaven!

The closer it gets to Christmas, the more I love burning incense or using scented candles to give me that warm cosy feeling! I happened to be in a garden centre this afternoon (don’t ask!) and I spotted a whole bunch of Yankee Candles. I’ve heard lots of things about them, but never had the chance (or money) to actually try them for myself, so I thought it was about time to treat myself to a fragrant early christmas treat! This is what I bought:

 ‘Black Coconut’ Medium Jar Candle (£16.99)


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My Top 5 Fashion Buys for Autumn!

I love Autumn. It’s probably my favourite season, especially when it comes to shopping. I love warm colours, and i’m a big fan of layers. I tried to find 5 items that would work well together, as an ensemble, or individually. Here is what i’ve picked out:

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Leibester Award Nomination


Thank you so much for the Liebster nomination @GlassRepertoire, loved your answers and your blog looks great! (

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