The Rose

By Rachael R Allen


October 2014

My Top 5 Fashion Buys for Autumn!

I love Autumn. It’s probably my favourite season, especially when it comes to shopping. I love warm colours, and i’m a big fan of layers. I tried to find 5 items that would work well together, as an ensemble, or individually. Here is what i’ve picked out:

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Leibester Award Nomination


Thank you so much for the Liebster nomination @GlassRepertoire, loved your answers and your blog looks great! (

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Travel Throwback: Yosemite National Park, CA

As I haven’t managed to get away on holiday this year, the travel section of my blog is mostly going to consist of throwbacks (at least until I go off on my USA adventures next June!). Last September I was lucky enough to go on holiday to California, where I travelled from San Francisco down to LA, stopping in various places along the way. This post, is about the breath taking national park that is Yosemite.

Photo Credit: Google Images

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Inside My Make-Up Bag!


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Recipe: Delicious Breakfast Smoothie


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Product Review: Manuka Doctor skincare


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